Source Code

Table of contents

  1. PX4 Mainline
  2. ModalAI Forks
    1. GitHub
    2. GitLab CI
  3. Firmware Updates
    1. QGroundControl
    2. Using Serial Port

PX4 Mainline

The firmware for the FMUv5m is availabe in the PX4 mainline as of TBD

ModalAI Forks


The ModalAI forks used for development are maintained here:

GitLab CI

The two repos above have CI on the ModalAI GitLab servers here:

Firmware Updates


The FMUv5m supports firmware update through QGroundControl as of TDB

Using Serial Port

The FMUv5m supports firmware update using the debug serial port:

  • J2 PIN 2 (TX)
  • J2 PIN 3 (RX)
  • J2 PIN 6 (GND)

And using the PX4 tool here:

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