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ModalAI Technical Documentation

Welcome to ModalAI’s technical documentation. ModalAI’s goal is to have a complete, fully-documented, development environment for using its products for autonomous aerial and ground vehicles. If you see something missing, please contribute here, or ask for help here!


VOXL is ModalAI’s autonomous computing platform built around the Snapdragon 821. The VOXL architecture combines a single board computer with a depth camera, flight controller and cellular modem to create fully autonomous, connected drones and robots!

VOXL and Associated Products

VOXL m500 Development Drone

Get up and running with VOXL autonomous flight quickly with the VOXL m500 bind and fly development drone. Our m500 drone is built from the popular s500 hobby kit and includes a VOXL Flight Deck configured and tested for GPS-based autonomous flight and indoor GPS-denied navigation. Obstacle avoidance stereo cameras come mounted and calibrated. This is a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon reference drone, ready for advanced autonomy development.

PX4 Companion Computer

VOXL (Datasheet) is a light-weight, but powerful companion computer for PX4. It is driven by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, runs Linux, has tons of I/O and pre-certified WiFi.

Watch the demo video and buy here!

The VOXL Flight Deck is a fully assembled and flight ready drone development platform hosting a ModalAI VOXL drone and robotics companion computer paired with the ModalAI Flight Core PX4 flight controller.

The Flight Deck comes pre-configured with Tracking, Stereo and Hi-Res optical sensors, providing the easiest way to add US built GPS-Denied Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance to a vehicle. The Flight Deck weighs only 91g.

Watch the demo video and buy here!

Cellular Communications

The VOXL Cellular Add-on (Datasheet) is an add-on that plugs in to the VOXL’s board to board connector. It enables LTE capability for the following North American cellular carriers: Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

Watch the demo video and buy here!

Flight Controller

The ModalAI Flight Core (Datasheet) runs the PX4 flight controller, and is made in the USA. The Flight Core can be paired with VOXL for obstacle avoidance and GPS-denied navigation, or used independently as a standalone flight controller.


The VOXL technology builds on the Qualcomm® Flight Pro™ architecture by adding comprehensive software development support with a build-able Linux kernel, cross-compile SDKs, LTE, time of flight cameras, Docker images for development and more.

Get Started with VOXL

Purchase here, then follow the VOXL Quickstart Guide and the rest of our user manuals in the bar on the left!