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VOXL Cross Docker Image

Table of contents

  1. Prerequisite
  2. Build the voxl-cross Docker Image
  3. Install pre-built voxl-cross

Develop for VOXL in a Docker running on your Linux PC! This tool lets you use the docker build environments described in the build environments page.


Build the voxl-cross Docker Image

Instructions to build and install voxl-cross can be found at the project’s README file here

Install pre-built voxl-cross

Download the pre-built voxl-cross voxl-cross_V2.5.tar.gz from

$ docker load -i voxl-cross_V2.5.tar.gz
$ git clone
$ cd voxl-docker/
$ ./
$ voxl-docker -i voxl-cross:V2.5

To build an example project for VOXL

$ mkdir cross-workspace
$ cd cross-workspace
$ voxl-docker -i voxl-cross:V2.5
voxl-cross:~$ git clone
voxl-cross:~$ cd libmodal-json/
voxl-cross:~$ ./ qrb5165