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ModalAI Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)

ModalAI’s Electronic Speed Controllers (ESCs) are high-performing, closed-loop speed controllers that use a digital interface (UART, i2c in future).

Brief Overview

Brushless Electronic Speed Controllers (ESCs) are devices that consist of hardware and software for controlling three-phase brushless DC (BLDC) motors. ESCs communicate with the flight controller, which instructs the ESCs how fast the motor should spin.

ModalAI’s ESCs implement the following advanced features:

  • Full integration with ModalAI VOXL and Flight Core PCBs
  • Bi-directional UART communication with checksum; status and fault monitoring
  • Real-time status and health reporting at high update rate (100Hz+ each)
  • Closed-loop RPM control for best flight performance
  • LED control from flight controller via UART

Feature Comparison between ESC V1 and V2

ModalAI 4-in-1 V1 ESC
ModalAI 4-in-1 V2 RevA ESC
FeatureModalAI 4-in-1 V1 ESCModalAI 4-in-1 V2 RevA ESC
Input Voltage6.5V-12.6V (2-3S Lipo)5.5V-16.8V (2-4S Lipo)
Aux Power Output5.15V 6A2x 4.5V (adjustable) 600mA
Max Continuous Current Per Motor5A (thermally limited)10A+ (thermally limited)
Max Burst Current Per Motor10A40-50A (requires airflow and heat-spreader)
Mosfet Drivercustom (BJT-based)MP6530
MosfetsAO4616 (N + P)AON7528 (N)
Total Current Sensing1mOhm + LTC2946N/A
Individual Current SensingN/A4x 2mOhm + INA186
Reverse Polarity ProtectionYesNo
ESD signal protectionNoYes
Temperature SensingNoYes
On-board Status LEDsYesYes
External LEDsRGB via BJTNeopixel LEDs
Secure BootloaderYes (AES128)Yes (AES256)
PWM Switching Frequency20Khz (fixed)48, 24 Khz
Maximum RPM (6 pole pairs)17K50K+
PWM control inputNoYes
Active FreewheelingNoYes
Tone GenerationYesYes
Closed-loop RPM ControlYesYes (10Khz)
Number of UART ports1 (250 Kbit)2 (2Mbit+)
Qualcomm ESC protocol supportYesYes
Weight without wires (g)13.79.5
Board Dimensions (mm)58.0 x 40.040.5 x 40.5
Mounting Hole Size, Pattern (mm)3.15, 35.0 x 46.53.05, 31.0 x 33.0