Electronic Speed Controller (ESCs)

ModalAI’s Electronic Speed Controllers (ESCs) are high-performing, closed-loop speed controllers that use a digital interface (UART, i2c in future).

Brief Overview

Brushless Electronic Speed Controllers (ESCs) are devices that consist of hardware and software for controlling three-phase brushless DC (BLDC) motors. ESCs communicate with the flight controller, which instructs the ESCs how fast the motor should spin.

ModalAI’s ESCs implement the following advanced features:

  • Full integration with ModalAI VOXL and Flight Core PCBs
  • Bi-directional UART communication with checksum; status and fault monitoring
  • Real-time status and health reporting at high update rate (100Hz+ each)
  • Closed-loop RPM control for best flight performance
  • LED control from flight controller via UART

Feature Comparison between ModalAI ESC V1 and V2

ModalAI 4-in-1 V1 ESC
ModalAI 4-in-1 V2 RevA ESC
Feature ModalAI 4-in-1 V1 ESC ModalAI 4-in-1 V2 RevA ESC
Input Voltage 6.5V-12.6V (2-3S Lipo) 5.5V-16.8V (2-4S Lipo)
Aux Power Output 5.15V 6A 2x 4.5V (adjustable) 600mA
Max Continuous Current Per Motor 5A (thermally limited) 10A+ (thermally limited)
MCU Atmega328P STM32F051K86
Mosfet Driver custom (BJT-based) MP6530
Mosfets AO4616 (N + P) AON7528 (N)
Total Current Sensing 1mOhm + LTC2946 N/A
Individual Current Sensing N/A 4x 2mOhm + INA186
Reverse Polarity Protection Yes No
ESD signal protection No Yes
Temperature Sensing No Yes
On-board Status LEDs Yes Yes
External LEDs RGB via BJT Neopixel LEDs
Secure Bootloader Yes (AES128) Yes (AES256)
PWM Switching Frequency 20Khz (fixed) 48, 24 Khz
Maximum RPM (6 pole pairs) 17K 50K+
PWM control input No Yes
Active Freewheeling No Yes
Tone Generation Yes Yes
Closed-loop RPM Control Yes Yes (10Khz)
Number of UART ports 1 (250 Kbit) 2 (2Mbit+)
Qualcomm ESC protocol support Yes Yes
Weight without wires (g) 13.7 9.5
Board Dimensions (mm) 58.0 x 40.0 40.5 x 40.5
Mounting Hole Size, Pattern (mm) 3.15, 35.0 x 46.5 3.05, 31.0 x 33.0

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