Connect to VOXL’s shell

Table of contents

  1. Prerequisites
  2. Access the Shell
  3. Common ADB Commands
    1. Check for Devices
    2. Copying Files
  4. Next Steps


These instructions assume you’ve completed the ADB Setup here and the hardware setup here

Access the Shell

You can gain access to the VOXL’s shell, from the host computer, run the following:

$ adb shell

You should see the board’s shell prompt now in the same terminal. That’s it!

Common ADB Commands

Listed here for convenience are some common ADB commands.

Check for Devices

From the host, you can check for connected devices using the following:

$ adb devices
List of devices attached
73a05d48	device

A nice one when creating scripts for host-to-target communications is this one that pauses a script until a device is connected:

$ adb wait-for-device

Copying Files

You can copy files to/from VOXL (similar to scp) using the adb push and adb pull commands.

For example, to copy /temp/test.dat to the VOXL at /:

$ adb push /temp/test.dat /
/temp/test.dat: 1 file pushed.

For example, top copy from the VOXL at /test.dat to /temp

$ adb pull /test.dat /temp
/test.dat: 1 file pulled

Next Steps

Next, let’s configure the device’s Wi-Fi.

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