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ModalAI Technical Documentation

Welcome to ModalAI's technical documentation. ModalAI's goal is to have a complete, fully documented, development environment for using its products for autonomous aerial and ground vehicles.

Where Do I Start?

If you have a new ModalAI device and want to get started, we strongly recommend you complete the VOXL Developer Bootcamp. In it you'll take your device from unboxing to comprehensive usage while also learning valuable portions of the VOXL ecosystem.

If you're already familiar with your device and want to dig deeper into the onboard software or into developing your own applications, check out the VOXL SDK section of the documentation. If you're looking for a description of a SDK version older than the current one, check out the Previous SDKs page.

If you instead need to go deeper into the hardware of a specific VOXL system, see the VOXL Autopilot & Compute section for detailed user guides datasheets.


One of the most critical resources for a developer is the VOXL codebase on GitLab!

In addition, if you're having issues with a specific piece of code or have a feature request, we strongly encourage you to open an issue in the corresponding repository.

Getting Help

If you have a question, feel free to ask us on our forum, and we'll get to your request as soon as possible.