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Table of contents

  1. Overview
  2. Installation
  3. Running voxl-flir-server
  4. Configuring voxl-streamer to work with voxl-flir-server
  5. Source


voxl-flir-server is an application to send video frames from the FLIR Lepton SPI camera to Modal Pipe Architecture (MPA) pipes. This server is used in conjunction with voxl-streamer. For Flir UVC enabled cameras with USB interfaces such as the Boson 640 and PureThermal Mini Pro with Lepton use voxl-uvc-server instead.


voxl-flir-server is installed via ipk package. It is currently only available as a dev package.

yocto:/home/root/ipk# voxl-configure-opkg dev
yocto:/home/root/ipk# opkg update
yocto:/home/root/ipk# opkg install voxl-flir-server

Running voxl-flir-server

voxl-flir-server is a command line application and can be started on the command line:

yocto:/home/root# voxl-flir-server

Use the -h option to view online help:

yocto:/home/root# voxl-flir-server -h
Usage: voxl-flir-server <options>
-d                Show extra debug messages.
-v                Show extra MPA debug messages.
-h                Show help.

Configuring voxl-streamer to work with voxl-flir-server

The voxl-streamer configuration file /etc/modalai/voxl-streamer.conf needs to have a configuration record for the FLIR Lepton:

"flir": {
    "input": {
        "interface": "mpa",
        "mpa-camera": "flir" },
    "output": {
        "stream": {
            "rotation": 0,
            "width": 160,
            "height": 120,
            "bitrate": 1000000 } }

Then run voxl-streamer with this record using voxl-streamer -c flir


Source code is here.

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